The Fair Stakeholders

Serving the micro, small and medium businessmen
by engaging its entire engine of experts in relevant stream


To be the Number One Company WORLDWIDE

with 100% strike rate in serving the MSMEs

To Serve the Micro, Small and Medium Businessmen,
Who cannot afford COST of recruiting a CEO, CFO, or any CxO, and
Have a Growth as-well-as Scalable Potential

Our corporate objective is :

  • To encourage micro, small and medium business units and provide all facilities for their development
  • To deliver long-term capital growth, while preserving shareholder’s capital
  • To Invest in talent without the constraints of a formal benchmark
  • To strengthen social and national economy
  • To be the most preferred company by 2025

Our Strategies to meet corporate objective are :

  • Adopting differentiation strategy, for developing micro, small, medium business units
  • Focusing on Niche, for long-term capital growth and preserving shareholder’s capital
  • Building a Leadership pool, by Investing in talent around Niche
  • Ploughing profits back in business and increase employment, to strengthen social and national economy
  • By focus on Niche and providing unparalleled support, to become the most preferred company by 2025

Depending upon the engagement, we design our strategic plans

around following basic outlines :
  • Determining your strategic position
  • Prioritizing your objectives
  • Developing a strategic plan
  • Executing and managing your plan
  • Reviewing and revising the plan

Our Values

Fairstake’s clearly stated principles about their Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Action plan
that ensures that
everyone is aligned around a guiding philosophy, to serve
the employees, customers, and the broader community are :-


We demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles, to do the right thing ‘no matter who’s watching’ to build STRONG Relationship and Trust


We understand that Honesty, Transparency, Fairness go a long way. We are focussed and willing to stick to our own passions and principles in the face of adversity. We claim responsibility of our acts


We are committed on what we do, why we do, what we want to achieve, and how we could innovate the way we do it


Fairstake engages itself in the initial or mid process of business cycle, when there is a need for CxO and it is a challenge for them to afford a full time CxO.

FairStake brings improvement in business strategy, marketing, processes, systems, talent, BOH functions and the business perception


FairStake’s endeavour is to build a robust lifecycle within the organization to boost stakeholder’s confidence in business, numbers and excel growth.

This in turn results in enhancing promoter’s, investor’s and lender’s confidence


FairStake experts handhold at a stage where guidance is direly required. This is the point where many businesses drown due to lack of expertise and saviour decisions.

At FairStake, we keep commitments ahead of profits

WE HAVE Answers

Ask Us Anything

Fairstake a firm of Stakeholders with professionals having exposure and expertise in multiple domains committed at serving the micro, small and medium businessmen, who cannot afford COST of recruiting a CEO, CFO, or any CxO and have a Growth a.w.a. Scalable Potential. Fairstake engages its entire engine of experts in relevant stream, to plug the loopholes and design a robust strategy to scale business to next level.

Combined together we boast of 300+ years of experience. Our professionals have minimum 10 years of Niche experience. Our consultants are dedicated to providing relentless support and engage to ensure your success. Our Promoters are in business since 1996.

Fairstake team consists of 30+ professionals and experts PAN India, in various streams of businesses and possess rich experience in their field. We also have qualified senior professionals with MBA, LLB, CA, CS, CPA degrees

Our Motto – “We are in business for You

We know “Your Success is Our Success.”

Our combined experience of 300+ years & exposure to multiple verticals allows us to deliver sustainable solution.

Thus at Fairstake we say “Result Guaranteed.”

We provide services that help you reach the TOP and STAY THERE.

We have a geographical spread and serve through our 30+ consultants PAN India. In case you are located outside India, do reach us via our contact details in our About > Contact Us Page. We will surely reach you and provide online solution(s).

Fairstake is a firm of Stakeholders and permissions-licences to provide the funds is not obtained as yet. We have investors who provide funds for working capital and expansion of the company.

Fairstake guarantees business turnaround by addressing pain areas, due to its experience in domain where it engages itself.

Funding by investors viz PE, HNI, Angel funds or even securing loans / equity from NBFCs or finance from Banks is solely at their taste and discretion.

It is the Business’s potential which is invested by investors, PE, NBFC or Banks, and not a business name / the promoter itself.

Nevertheless, our experience allows us to pick and choose those businesses models that CAN GROW and are SCALABLE. We implement Strategic Plans, Processes, Systems, Controls, SOPs, DOA, TAT and Recruit Talent that grows the business. INVESTMENT IS A “RESULT” thereafter, and not a CHOICE.

At Fairstake, we follow a Project based approach to pick and choose businesses having potential to grow, are scalable and sincerely need expertise. We engage our entire engine of experts in relevant stream, to plug the loopholes and design a robust strategy to scale business to next level.

At Fairstake, we understand that our engagement arises due to the fact that there is a need of sustainable solution. We initiate our engagement on top priority, although our ongoing commitments may require us to speed up the process soon.

We work on a Stake based model. We negotiate at the outset and engage as per mutual agreement. Businesses that require our entire engine functions engage us as Stakeholders. We are open to engagement that suits both of us.